The goal of waltersquestion.com is to ask and answer the most important questions in the world.  Questions that affect ALL of us.  Who is going to decide what these questions are?  You and we are.  Who is going to answer these questions?  It is the goal of this website to find and ask those that we feel and you feel are the most qualified to answer them.  We will not be able to find all qualified people so if you want to be featured you must tell us about your life experience, so readers can have confidence in your opinions.  For your benefit the most qualified people will be featured in the forums but all, regardless of qualification, are invited to expresss themselves in our blog.

 We have formulated a few questions and will add others as you and we supply them.

To answer questions that are listed on the QUESTIONS page or suggest new questions that you feel are important to the betterment or education of the world or of humanity let us know by clicking here.  To make comments on the answers that have already been provided, go to the COMMENTS page.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.